Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Furloughing staff

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Written by Glenn Elliott

Last published at: March 31st, 2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Furloughing staff

Some companies faced with a significant reduction in sales revenue may be looking at furloughing staff and use the government support to avoid making redundancies.

The process to do this is :

  • Make an announcement to staff that you have a need to reduce costs and want to furlough staff in order to avoid, reduce or delay redundancies
  • Write to the affected staff explaining what it means to them, explaining the terms and asking for their acceptance of the change to their contract
  • Collect signed acceptance forms then implement the change.

If you need to do this then we have a template letter that you can use to explain this to your affected staff and seek their permission. Ask your normal Tenzing contact for a copy.

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